My name is Luke Flisher, and I’d like to tell you a little about myself
and the marvellous Flisher Photography team.


My Story

Since I was little, I’ve loved capturing moments – both on film and through stills. My mum often reminds me of my three-year-old – budding filmmaker self, attempting to catch her on video, with some horses. She’s still got the tape to prove it. My high-pitched toddler voice, audible in the background, squeaks “how do I turn the ‘bideo’ off?“.

Flisher Photography

Fast forward 24 years & yes, I could finally pronounce video! My adult self picked up where ‘toddler Luke’ left off. Working as the manager of a large pub, I began snapping patrons on a big night out. The joy my photography generated and the pleasure of capturing the ‘essence’ of a vibrant party.

From the emotional energy of being immersed in someone’s special event to the harmony of capturing a National Trust garden or a stately home, a passion burnt in my soul, I was HOOKED!

My first job

A chance encounter catapulted me into the world of wedding photography; when a close friend’s photographer had double booked and left them in the lurch. I stepped in, to the rescue, and have never looked back.

My journey from then until now has been a fantastic adventure. Further solidifying my love for this industry; each unique event and joining of sweethearts – a colourful spectrum of personalities – hurls me deeper into my craft.

My Passion

I love wedding photography, and I’m passionate about providing my clients with the best possible experience. No matter the scenario, no matter the challenge, I’m confident that I’ve delivered what was requested. My style of working is friendly, relaxed, and patient. If I am doing my job as I hope, for most of the day, I’ll seem invisible! I like to mix in as a guest and capture the real story.

I feel truly fortunate to do a job that brings me so much joy. Thank you for visiting my website. I look forward to meeting you!

Helen Flisher

Position: Wife & Marketing Manager

Helen – general Wonder Woman extraordinaire – is the driving force behind Flisher Photography. Helen works tirelessly to manage a busy calendar as the company travels the length and breadth of the country for work. Helen also runs the marketing, bookings, and website. As said before, Helen’s a superhero!

Barney Flisher

Position: Team Pho-DOG-rapher

Barney is not just a dog. His job is pretty tough; at all times, he must remain cute and funny. This task may seem simple enough, but it’s exhausting and requires many delicious treats to sustain! On shoots, he must befriend everyone, ensuring that all are aware of his presence. When necessary, he must remain silent and statue-like. When this necessity passes, he must howl magnificently for his fans. He is a slave to his art.
Oh, and he loves treats. If you have cheese or bacon-bits, he’ll be your forever friend.

Frequently Asked Questions

I often get asked a lot of the same questions by brides to be. Sometimes they feel silly for asking the question as it seems like a stupid one to ask, but I always say there is no such thing as a stupid question. Here are a few of the most asked questions below. If your question isn’t on the list then please get in contact and I will be happy to answer it for you.

A. I have been a professional photographer for over 5 years. Before this, I had been doing it as part of my job running a pub and club. I have now photographed over 100 weddings all over the UK. It has been my full-time profession for 4 years.

A. Yes, all my previous bride and grooms are happy for me to share with you an online album, so you can see what a full wedding looks like. I also have previous customer’s recommendations and testimonials. These can be seen on the home page of my website or google.

A. Our half-day packages are for 5 hours I always aim to get there a little earlier to look round the venue and meet with the venue team and coordinators. Our full-day packages have no time limit. If you require us from 9 am till 10 pm then I will be there that long. I will also sit and discuss your exact needs and timetable with you to get a feel of the right amount of time you require.

A. On the day of your wedding, I try and aim to get between 20 and 30 highlight images from your day edited. If time is tight, then you will have these within 24 hours of your wedding. I will put a 2 or 3 on my social media (with your approval) that you can also share. You will also get sent a highlight gallery with the rest of the highlight images. The rest of the images will be between 8 to 12 weeks. In the summer months, I may have a slight increase because of how busy I am with multiple weddings. I will keep you updated with expected timescales for your finished gallery.

A. Yes, I have liability (for myself and my team), equipment insurance including PAT testing & even a DBS (background Check). Please email info@flisherphotography.co.uk for a copy.

A. Yes, I use a 2 x Nikon Z6’s, and prime lenses. These are top of the range mirrorless cameras. I also have a backup bag with spare bodies and lenses. This info probably means not much to you but what it does mean is I have invested my earnings back into high-grade equipment to help make sure I can capture the very best from your wedding, family shoot, or event.

A. On the full day packages, I do ask if a supplier’s meal can be put aside for me in the bar area. Be sure to ask your venue for a SUPPLIER’s meal. The meal tends to be a smaller and much cheaper option.

A. Yes. I will go through and cull your images and select the ones that show interaction, that tells a story, and above all show love (you also won’t want any of the blurry ones or where I have accidentally captured my feet). Once culled, I will import them into my editing software. I will edit each one in line with my editing style. Once edited, I will export these and check them on many devices to make sure the quality of the images is the highest I can deliver.

A. Yes. It will always be me. In some instances, I may bring either a lighting assistant or even a second photographer to help capture the day.

A. I am based in Lincolnshire, but I do travel UK wide. I don’t charge mileage, but over 180 miles or 3 hours away, I do ask for a cheap hotel (An air BnB, premier inn or Travelodge is what I suggest). A single room will be just fine to keep the costs down.

A. In all the time I have been shooting weddings, I have always turned up. It will always be me unless the worst happens and I end up in the hospital, in which case I will contact you to discuss options and find a suitable back up for your big day. I have a great network of people that would be able to help if the worst happened.
If for any reason, I haven’t turned up on the day, there will be 2x contact numbers in your contract that you can use for emergencies to see where I am. One will be my wife & the other will be my business partner.