Bespoke Wedding Photography

At Flisher Photography our speciality is capturing the true heart and soul of the most magical day of your life. We have all seen the traditional wedding photographs – and there’s certainly nothing wrong with those. They don’t truly speak to the feeling of the day, of the atmosphere in the air as two people cement their love and devotion for one another.

What we do best

Flisher Photography offers bespoke wedding photography east midlands couples continually trust to capture the most special day of their lives – and for good reason. Wedding photography isn’t just our business, it’s our passion. It’s an art-form that we have spent years cultivating to properly represent the love in the air at such special events. It’s this pure passion for artistic, imaginative wedding photography that we’re proud to offer you.

Your wedding photography should not look like a series of stock templates. It should be a representation of the mood and the emotions you, your beloved, and all your guests felt. When you look back on photographs from Flisher Photography in years to come, we assure you of the warmest smile.

Making it easy

A wedding can be an incredibly stressful event to plan, so we don’t want to make the process of booking a wedding photographer difficult or confusing. We’ve gone to great lengths to keep everything as simple as possible, which means you’re free to look forward to your special day – safe in the knowledge it’ll be beautifully captured on film.

Our services are mainly based around the Lincolnshire, East Midlands, and Yorkshire areas – however, wherever your special day is being held in the UK you should still contact us.

Every element of our service is focussed around you, the way we approach the photographs is no different.

Frankie & Joe - Hazel Gap Barn

Zina & Tony - Homewood Hall

Oli & Sophie - Gidleigh Park

Sam & Abbie - Swancar Farm

Richard & Emma - Abbey Farm

Heather & Thomas - Northern Monk Brewery

Alex & Chelsey - Mythe Barn

Emma & Luke - Cockliffe House

Kevin & Ash - Harlaxton Manor

Katrina & Chris - Glencourse House

Lucy & Dan - Pumping House

Beth & Ant - Irnham Hall

Pat & Gemma - Stubton Hall

Rebecca & Aiden - Grangefields